Twitter Seeks to Build Value, Not Revenue - right on!

Today The New York Times (link below) covered comments from Evan Williams, co-founder and CEO of Twitter. In a comment that reminds me of statements by Facebook a couple of years ago, Evan laid out the priorities and focus areas as being 100% focused on adding value for end-users.

As an end user and partner who is developing solutions for small businesses around Twitter, I am happy to hear this perspective. It may invite additional sarcastic responses, but I think it's the right focus for Twitter which is still in its early stages. It needs to focus on adding value for end users and growth of it's user and partner base.

People made fun of Facebook for the same types of things a couple of years ago, but who's laughing now with Facebook's recent growth to 300M users and attainment of profitability?

See my other post below on Facebook's recent announcement.

Keep up the good work, Twitter!


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