Twitter closing $50M financing round at $1B valuation - my thoughts

Twitter is rumored to be about to close a $50M financing round at a $1B valuation, and I'm not surprised. Twitter is a very valuable platform and ecosystem for both individuals AND businesses which is only beginning to be leveraged.

As i said in a recent post (link below), here's the core of why I think Twitter is valuable for businesses:

  • It is so open that it is possible to use it to listen to the real-time conversations that are unfolding on the web and leverage it to connect with people who are potential customers or partners for your business (especially with tools that make it easier than the native Twitter site).
  • the great APIs have enabled tool developers like CloudProfile to help build business specific applications that unlock the power of Twitter and then help to draw prospects and customers into deeper, more meaningful interactions.

So it's not that Twitter is the be-all-end-all tool. It's just that it is the constantly in motion "front line" of where your business (or your individual) interests can connect with other relevant people in the world who you are not yet connected to. Backed by a powerful platform for then connecting with those people more deeply, it can be a tremendous source of ideas, leads, and fun for you.

And that is super valuable.

We've already built in some amazing tools with our Twitter client built into CloudProfile including the automated radar which helps our users to identify meaningful Twitter conversations that they should be a part of, but just wait until you see what we release in the next month! If our own activities are any indicator, Twitter's value for both users and partners like us will continue to grow.


A Comment was added by Zack Steven

I think you're right on about the value of Twitter for business, and that we're still in the early stages of having the tools to make the most of it. CloudProfile has a good start - can't wait to see what else you're working on.

5 years ago

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