Metricly - I disagree with the panelists - definitely need for correlated view @metricly #TC50 - I disagree with the panelists - I think there is a clear need to pull a correlated and aggregated view together across multiple sources. I think that in many, many cases, this will provide as much or more value than much of the single tool deeper dive data that is out there.

And startups are not just tech savvy folks like the ones at this conference. The CloudProfile team would be very interested in speaking with you.

A Comment was added by HM

$10 says you'll be disappointed.

5 years ago
A Comment was added by Alex Hawkinson

You're on. $10 bet just to support some fellow entrepreneurs. If Metricly does disappoint, we'll do our best to just fill in the gaps in other ways. :-)

5 years ago

GM of Digital Presence at ReachLocal. Main focus helping small businesses embrace the web. Into emerging tech. Love being a dad. Kind of miss playing D&D.


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