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    We are in the process of rolling out our new platform, called ReachCast. We will be migrating all CloudProfile accounts soon, but given my role I've needed to get started using it in advance.

    Come visit and engage with me there at http://www.alexhawkinson.com.



    Pancake Civil Engineering

    My wife is sleeping in for mother's day and I have started preparing to make pancakes for her and our kids later this morning. Maybe they'll just be regular pancakes, or maybe I'll spice it up by adding two little blobs at the top of each one to make them into "Mickey Mouse pancakes" to the accolades of all.

    And then, woe is me...I stumbled across Jim's Pancakes. It is going to take me a long, long time to learn and feel self-confident in the pancakes department again. I encourage you to check out Jim's site.


    Die White Pages Die

    The New York Times ran an article this morning (link below) about Verizon's effort to end distribution of the antiquated residential White Pages. I like everything about this article except for it's first sentence - "The digital age may claim another victim."

    In this case, it's very good riddance and should read something more like "The digital age obviates another archaic product and replaces it with something infinitely better."

    5,000 tons of paper per year for a format that is only used by 1 in every 9 households. So, small businesses who are continuing to advertise in the printed Yellow Pages, do you think consumers are somehow more anxious to keep those coming?


    Reading about the power of the Retweet


    Apple passes Motorola and is now the largest US phone maker

    Incredible. What an absolute beat down for the doubters who poo poohed Apple at each stage.


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